Monday, July 16, 2012

Pinky Promise

As a child, do you remember those pinky promises you used to make that were so very important at the time?  I have created a couple of pieces of jewelry that remind me of this childhood tradition.  I have wrapped sterling silver wire in a way that reminds me of pinkies wrapping around each other. This jewelry can be a reminder of those simpler days.


Feel free to share any special childhood memories that might come to mind.

Thank you for reading!

Ida : )


  1. What a sweet memory. We used to say "Pinky swear?" and the answer was always, "Yes, pinky swear", and then we would wrap our pinkies. I haven't thought of this for years. What a lovely idea for jewelry. Thank you for the memory, Ida!

  2. Ida, once again you've inspired me! Love Pinky Promise and love that rock too! :)