Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Country roads
Dirt roads
One way streets
Bicycle paths
Mountain trails

What kind of road represents your life?

Do you go through life so fast that you sometimes forget to enjoy it?
Are you passive and lose your focus or drive?
Are you type of person who really appreciates the simple, important things in life?
Do you have a hard time learning from your mistakes and keep doing the same things hoping for different results?
Do you shortchange yourself and not give yourself credit for all you can do?
Do you like a challenge?

Getting in touch with what makes you tick, so to speak, will be important in helping you achieve your goals. Are you on the road you want to be on? Do you need to add a little bit of mountain trail mentality to your country road personality?

Just wanted to give you some things to think about on the road to your goals.

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